Support for adults with visual impairments

Adult Social Services has a specialist team of Rehabilitation officers for people who are partially sighted or blind. The Visual Impairment Team offers help to people with permanent sight loss (in both eyes) that impacts significantly on daily activities and affects their wellbeing. You do not need to be registered as visually impaired to get help from the Visual Impairment team.

Rehabilitation officers for visually impaired people can help you understand the eye condition you have and offer advice, support and information about services available if you are having difficulty coming to terms with sight loss.

Rehabilitation officers visit you at home. They will tell you about the help, equipment, services and support you could obtain. Using an assessment they help you decide and deliver the best rehabilitation programme to suit your needs. The rehabilitation programme builds confidence and develops skills to help you remain independent.

Daily living skills

You may get advice and training to help you carry out household tasks safely and independently. For example appliances such as cookers and washing machines can be adapted to make them easier to use. You may be provided with other specialist equipment to help you. For example, a gadget to help you know when your cup is full when making a hot drink.


Rehabilitation officers are specialists in mobility and orientation and provide mobility training to build your confidence and help you travel safely and independently.

The Rehabilitation officer may supply and train you to use a mobility aid such as a white symbol cane. They can also provide advice on guide dogs.


Rehabilitation officers can show you different equipment that can help with writing. They also run a communication class teaching Braille and Moon.

Rehabilitation officers also teach touch typing and provide advice and information on computer courses available specifically for visually impaired people.

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