Reporting abuse or neglect of an adult

What is abuse?

Abuse exists in various forms and can be carried out by one or more people. In any form or situation, abuse is unacceptable and a violation of a person’s basic human rights.

Abuse can be:

  • physical - hitting, slapping, pushing or physically restraining, or the mismanagement of medication
  • emotional or psychological - shouting and swearing to make a person afraid
  • sexual - unwanted touching, kissing or sexual intercourse
  • financial - money or belongings taken under pressure or stolen
  • neglectful - not being properly cared for, mismanaging medication or being denied privacy, choice or social contact
  • discriminatory - suffering abuse or neglect on the grounds of religion, culture, gender, sexuality or disability

Abuse can take place in a person's own home, in a residential home or a day centre or hospital. Unfortunately those being abused are often the least likely to bring the situation to anyone's attention.

Reporting abuse

If you witness, suspect or have concerns that an adult at risk is being abused it is your responsibility to report it.

Contact the Central Advice and Duty Team in confidence:

  • call 0151 606 2006, Monday to Friday 8:50am to 5:00pm
  • call 0151 677 6557 all other times and on public holidays
  • email:

For further advice and information about adult safeguarding, please visit the Wirral Safeguarding Adults Partnership Board website.