Support to live independently

Some people need help with everyday things at home such as walking, making a drink, using the stairs or getting in and out of the bath. You may be coming home from hospital or find that you need extra support after an illness or a crisis.

If you need extra support we may be able to help you, depending on your circumstances and eligibility. Before it can be decided what support you should receive and how it should be paid for, you need to carry out a needs assessment.

Short-term support

If you are eligible, there are a number of ways we can provide temporary support:

  • providing one to six weeks of support, free of charge, to help you to regain living skills and become independent at home
  • we have trained therapists and assessors who can support you to improve your abilities and do as much as you can for yourself
  • referring you onto other relevant services

At the end of the maximum six week period we will discuss any ongoing care and support needs that you may have.

What happens next?

If you need ongoing support following your temporary care, we will complete a full adult social care assessment.

You will also have a financial assessment to assess how much you will be expected to contribute towards the cost of your ongoing support.