Removal of dead animals

The council will remove dead animals (other than rodents or common birds) from the road or pavement.

If you collide with an animal with your motor vehicle, you should stop (if safe to do so) to check on the welfare of the animal.  You must report to the police any accident involving an animal (horse, mule, sheep, pig, bull, goat or dog) not being carried on the vehicle.

Request the removal of a dead animal from the highway

Removal of dead animals from private property

Small dead animals and birds can be disposed of in the green wheelie bin. The Council will not remove family pets from private property and alternative arrangements will need to be made, such as with a local vet.

Request the removal of a dead animal from property

The Environment Agency provides information regarding the size of a dead animal you can bury.

To remove a dead animal from a park,  an allotment or from a beach call 0151 606 2004.