Love Wirral encourages people to take greater responsibility and pride in their own local environment, whether you live, work or visit Wirral.

Anybody can get involved all you need is a love of Wirral and pride to keep it beautiful and show it off to others. Whether you are a group of friends, local business, community group or an interested individual you can all do your bit.

If you would like to help to clean up your local area clean we have a limited number of litter picker kits that you can borrow to help with your clean up. Requests for the litter picker kits can be made through email.

Request a litter picker

If you are planning a community litter pick you will need to carry out your own risk assessment and make all your volunteers aware of it.

To make this easier for you, we have prepared a generic template for litter picking, which you can download and complete for your own activity. You should tailor the risk assessment to make sure that any hazards specific to your own team’s activities have been identified and relevant controls put in place. 

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