It is a crime to drop and leave any form of litter including:

  • fast food wrappers and packaging
  • chewing gum
  • cigarette butts and other smoking related products
  • flyers left on windscreens

The council spends over £3.7m per year cleaning up after a minority of people who have no respect for the environment. 

Fines for littering

Please select 'Litter fines' to pay your fine.

Pay a litter fine

Appealing against a littering fine

You can appeal to the council at any stage before the matter is referred to the magistrates’ court for prosecution. 

Appeal against a litter Fixed Penalty Notice

How you can help

You can help to keep your environment clean:

  • keep hold of your waste until you find a litter bin, or take it home with you
  • clean up immediately after your pet, if it fouls our streets or parks and either take the waste home or deposit it in a litter bin