Grass cutting and ground maintenance

Wirral Council maintains roadside grass verges, hedges, shrubs, flower beds and weeds on council-owned land. Read more about Wirral's pollinator and wildflower verges.

We do not look after private land as this is the responsibility of the landowner. You should contact the landowner directly with any problems, including private land next to roads or pavements.

The grass cutting season takes place between March and October. The number of cuts vary according to the location, season and weather. All general grass areas in parks and public open spaces are cut 8 times a year. 

How often areas are cut:

  • Sports pitches: Normal monthly maintenance from March to October
  • General grass areas in parks: Two cuts in April. No Mow May. Two cuts in June. One monthly cut from July to October
  • Bowling greens: Spring maintenance in March. Normal monthly maintenance from April to September. Winter maintenance in October
  • Formal areas (such as Hamilton Square): One cut in March. Fortnightly maintenance from April to October, except one cut at the end of May.
  • Public Open Spaces: Two cuts in April. No Mow May. Two cuts in June. One monthly cut from July to October

No grass cutting takes place between November and February.


Some areas will also be allowed to rewild to encourage wildflowers to grow. It also encourages insects, such as bees, butterflies and moths. Most rewilding areas will be cut once per year, in  autumn.

In large areas, walking routes will be cut through the grass. Borders will also be cut around existing pathways.

Roadside grass verges are cut to ensure clear visibility for road safety.

Annual inspections will check that sites are safe and comply with statutory duties.

Find out when grass in your area was last cut

Community involvement

For rewilding areas, residents and community groups can approach the council to request a long term lease of the land for a suitable community activity. Potentially the land could be used for tree planting schemes, community allotments plot, wildflower meadows or simply maintained for the local community to enjoy.

Community groups who wish to express an interest in an area are asked to contact the Parks and Countryside Service via email at

Environmental benefits

The rewilding and pollinator areas provide opportunities to identify areas for wildflower and tree planting, with the council working towards planting a further 200,000 trees by 2030 as part of the Wirral Tree Strategy.

You may have already noticed a lot more wildflowers across Wirral over the last year. Where it is suitable for wildflowers to grow naturally these areas will also be encouraged. Wildflowers provide valuable food and shelter for valuable pollinators which are in decline, as well as an attractive visual space and can help with air pollution.

Wirral Council declared a climate emergency in 2019. As part of this commitment, the council has, and will continue to, take steps to prioritise pollinators by protecting and supporting them and their habitats.

Find out more about pollinators

No Mow May

Throughout the month of May, the council takes part in the Plantlife's national campaign -  No Mow May, which is about stopping mowing in general grass areas. This means that grass areas will be left uncut from the end of April to June.

Supporting this campaign helps to support insects such bees, butterflies and other wildlife.

Multiple signs are displayed where possible at each site which will explain to Wirral residents and users of the parks, the benefits of leaving areas to grow during this period.

Sport pitches, bowling greens, churchyards, cemeteries, play areas, outdoor gyms, grass verges (where sight lines are needed for road safety), and formal areas (for example, Hamilton Square) are not affected and are maintained as normal.

My road is no longer being cut, can I cut myself or do I need permission first?

You will need permission from Wirral Council if you would like to cut the verges on your road. This is to make sure that you are safe whilst doing so. To get permission please email

Is there a safety concern if areas are left uncut?

There is long grass across many of the open spaces and long grass in itself does not pose any particular risks to anybody who wants to walk through it. However, Wirral Council will carry out site inspections as part of its statutory duties and any health and safety issues that arise will be actioned.

The uncut area is causing anti-social behaviour - how do I report it?

You can report anti-social behaviour on our website

Report a problem

Report a problem if an area has not been cut or maintained correctly

Report a problem in a cemetery

Report a problem in a park or playground

Rewilding areas and roads verges

West Wirral amenity greenspaces
Broadway greenspace
Grange Farm Crescent greenspace
Greenbank Road greenspace
Madeley Drive greenspace
Roman Road

Birkenhead Area Amenity Green spaces

Ballantyne Drive greenspace
Bentham Close greenspace
Boundary Road
Delta Road East
Fender Valley footpath
Hargrave Avenue greenspace
Hoylake Road greenspace
Lennox Lane greenspace
Lower Flaybrick Road
Rivington Avenue greenspace
The Little Arno

Wallasey amenity greenspaces

Berwick Close greenspace
Derby Pool greenspace
Limekiln Lane
Moreton Linear Park
Sandon Promenade greenspace
St Hilary Gardens
The Cliff
The Red Noses

South Wirral

Bradmoor Field
Bromborough Cycleway
Heygarth Road greenspace
Onslow Road
Poulton Recreation Ground
Prospect Hill
The Hollows
Wirral Gardens


Greenacres Estate (Thorns Drive)
Frankby Road (opposite The Cat)
Frankby Road (Hambledon Drive - Pump Lane)
Locker Park
Ashdale Park
Frankby Close
Grange Farm Crescent
Hilbre View
Shaws Drive
Carrhouse Lane
Cambrian Road
Girtrell Road and Cowley Close
Headington Road and Littlemore Close
Kingfisher Estate (excluding Sandpiper Close)
Oak Close
Broster Avenue
Gilwell Avenue
Pasture Road Bank
Massey Park
Tobin Street
Riverview Road
Church Street and Liscard Road
Scots Field Riverside Walkway
Denning Drive
Melford Drive
Durley Drive
Brome Way
Poulton Road
Colmore Avenue
Henley Close
Inley Road
Fulbrook Close
Weymoor Close
Donne Avenue
Clatterbridge Road (Old)
Oval Sports Centre entrance
Eastham Rake
The Rake - Bromborough
Plymyard Avenue/Dearnford Avenue
Langfield Grove
Broadheath Avenue/Devisdale Grove
Statham Road
Ridgeview Road
Cross Hey Avenue
Avelon Close
Farndon Way
Kelsall Close
Tabley Close rear footpath area
Davenham Close
Holm Farm to Tarporley Close footpath
Church Road Gardens
Holt Hill
Egremont Promenade
Magazine Promenade
Meols Parade by Pumping Station
Meols Parade/Dovepoint Road corner
Hoylake Baths
Birkenhead Road (Goose Green)
Telegraph Road (Thurstaston Road corner)
Telegraph Road
Davenham Avenue
Shavington Avenue
New Chester Road (Thornburn Close)
Mayfields North
Napier Road
The Esplanade
Price Street