Graffiti removal

The council is not responsible for removing all the graffiti in Wirral.

Graffiti that is not removed by Wirral Council

You should report the graffiti to the owner of the property if it's on:

Graffiti that is removed by Wirral Council

We will remove graffiti from property owned by Wirral Council.

We will also remove racist or offensive graffiti from most private property.

We will remove other graffiti from most private property, if it can be seen from the road. Graffiti removal from private property is free of charge. We will need permission from the property owner before the work is done.

Report graffiti to be removed

How long will it take to get graffiti removed?

We will aim to remove racist or offensive graffiti within 24 hours of it being reported (Monday to Friday). If the graffiti cannot be removed straight away, we will try to cover it until it can be removed.

We will aim to remove all other graffiti within 15 working days.