Fines for dumping rubbish in alleyways

Irresponsible residents, landlords or contractors that illegally dump waste in alleyways, streets or elsewhere in Wirral may be issued a £100 litter fixed penalty or a £400 fly tipping fixed penalty.

Pay a fine for dumping rubbish in alleyways

Please select 'Fixed Penalty Notices' > 'Environmental Fixed Penalty - Other' to pay your fine.

Pay an alleyway dumping fine

Appealing against an alleyway dumping fine

You can appeal to the council at any stage before the matter is referred to the magistrates’ court for prosecution. 

If an appeal is received within 10 days of the date of the Fixed Penalty Notice the discount period will normally be extended for a further 10 days after the decision letter is sent.

Appeal against an alleyway dumping Fixed Penalty Notice

Report a build up of rubbish in gardens yards or private land

The council can take action to deal with the build up of rubbish that has not been disposed of correctly and is causing a nuisance.

 Report a build up of rubbish

Be a good neighbour

Request a Good Neighbour pack which includes:

  • postcards that you can send anonymously to neighbours to encourage them to manage their waste responsibly
  • stickers for your front door showing that you Love Wirral
  • signs that you can fix to the rear of your property pledging to keep your alleyway clean

To request a Good Neighbour pack email [email protected]