Wirral's Clean Air

Air pollution is the largest environmental risk to our health in the UK.

Wirral’s Clean Air campaign is asking residents and businesses to do their bit to tackle air pollution and pledge support.

We are all the key to cleaner air quality and a healthier environment for everyone. Let’s all care about cleaner air.

How you can help:

  • switch off and save. If you’re in the car and at a stop, don’t leave your engine ticking over. This will prevent excessive air pollution and save you fuel. Turning off your engine when parked, loading or waiting at the roadside will save you money on fuel. It will also help look after you and your family’s health and the health of your community. Drivers may be fined for not switching off their engine when asked by an officer. Save money. Switch off. You’re the key!
  • take your feet to the street. Ditch the car and walk to school, to work or to the shops
  • take to two wheels. Leave the car at home and cycle or scoot
  • regularly service your car. Make sure it runs as efficiently and cleanly as possible
  • keep your car tyres inflated. Properly inflated tyres mean your car will be more efficient and use less fuel
  • carpool! Ask a colleague or friend to car share if travelling to the same place and share fuel and parking costs
  • ditch the car. Try an alternative transport option - buses, trains or even the ferry

If we all make at least one change, together we can create a better quality of air for ourselves, our family, other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Let’s all care about cleaner air. #Bethekey

If you’re a school, transport business or community group and would like to support the campaign we have limited campaign resources available. For more information please email environmentalhealth@wirral.gov.uk