Officers from Environmental Health can investigate complaints and offer advice on noise from premises. This can include:

  • barking dogs
  • live or recorded music
  • televisions
  • faulty intruder alarms

We cannot investigate noise from people in the road, road traffic or vehicle stereos.

Making a complaint

Wherever possible and safe it is always best to try and resolve the problem by discussing the problem with the person causing it or, alternatively, by writing to them. An example template letter you may wish to use or adapt may be downloaded from this page.

If an informal approach does not work or is not possible and you wish to complain to Environmental Health then you may use the link below. In most cases you will need to complete a noise log (which we can send you or you can download from this page) and be prepared to give evidence in court if we are unable to resolve the problem informally.

Report a noise nuisance

Aircraft noise

To make a complaint about aircraft noise, visit the Liverpool John Lennon Airport website.

COVID-19 and Noise Action Week

Noise Action Week (24 to 29 May 2021) is about raising the profile of this pollutant in communities as an informative tool to help improve awareness and let people know what action can be taken and what services are available to help manage noise problems to promote peace and harmony in neighbourhoods.

  • It’s possible that residents might expect to experience more noise from domestic and commercial settings as we emerge from the lockdown restrictions from personal gatherings and hospitality venues.
  • Noise can affect people in different ways and many are likely to be more sensitive to disturbance following a year of relative peace and quiet as a result of the lockdown that meant that people were staying home more, travel came to a halt and businesses closed.
  • This will gradually settle back to the normal level as more businesses open and life normalises again and should be taken into consideration when considering actions regarding noise complaints.
  • It is also important for businesses to note that we don't want to discourage them from re-starting, we want them to work with us and their neighbours to ensure it happens safely and positively for everybody involved.
  • The best way for that to happen is to talk to your Environmental health or Licensing teams before opening. In doing it this way you can ensure that you are opening whilst supporting your local communities with confidence and peace of mind.
  • And as a customer, always remember to be respectful of neighbours and residents and keep the noise down when you’re outside a business or heading home.