Food hygiene

Make a food complaint

You can complain to us about food or premises in Wirral. It is important that our officers’ time is spent dealing with matters where there is a risk to the health of the public at large.

Make a food complaint

Complaints can include:

  • foreign bodies in food – e.g. glass, hair, metal, plastic
  • unpleasant taste of food
  • poor handling of food by shop assistants
  • dirty conditions of food premises
  • suspected food poisoning following eating from a food premises

Food hygiene ratings 

Wirral council regularly inspects all food businesses in Wirral to check that they are safe and hygienic. Based on these inspections they are given a food hygiene rating.

Check the hygiene rating of a food business in Wirral

Find out more about the food hygiene rating scheme

View Government guidance for all food businesses tackling coronavirus (COVID-19)

View guidance from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health