Corporate enforcement policy

As a council we have responsibility to enforce a wide range of laws and regulations to help protect members of the public and the environment.

Wirral Council's Enforcement Policy outlines our approach on how teams undertake regulatory and enforcement duties.

We will seek to advise, guide, and support businesses and individuals to comply with laws. However when necessary formal and appropriate enforcement action may need to be taken.

The policy applies to a number of services with enforcement duties, which include:

  • Environmental Health
  • Trading Standards
  • Housing Standards
  • Building Control
  • Licensing
  • Environmental Enforcement
  • Planning

The policy outlines the approach for enforcement to make sure that we:

  • assist businesses and others in meeting their legal obligations
  • focus on prevention rather than cure
  • ensure that we enforce the law in a fair and consistent manner
  • take firm action when it is necessary and appropriate to those not complying
  • carry out enforcement that is risk-based, consistent, proportionate and effective