Wirral children's centres and Family Hubs

Find a children's centre or Family Hub

Children’s centres and Family Hubs bring together a range of services for families and children. Although every child will have a named children's centre allocated to them, you can go to any children's centre or Family Hub in Wirral.

Some of the groups on offer at our centres include:

  • Stay and Play
  • Big Dish Little Dish
  • Messy Play
  • Baby Sing and Rhyme
  • Sensory Play
  • Healthy Child Clinic

The groups are designed to give your little one a fun and safe environment to learn, develop, make friends and play. They give parents the chance to meet other parents from the local area and establish friendships.

Register with Wirral children's centres

If you would prefer a paper copy of the children's centre registration form, please visit your local children's centre.

Wirral’s Family Hubs

What are Family Hubs?

Family Hubs are spaces where families can easily access a wide range of non-judgemental support to help them live well in Wirral. They bring together maternity services, health visitors, library and foodbank services and children’s centre activities.

Wirral’s Family Hubs make services easier to navigate and more joined-up, ensuring families receive the right service at the right time.

They provide:

  • a 'one stop shop' style of support to build connections and strengthen relationships
  • a service for families with children aged 0-19 (up to age 25 with SEND)
  • provide information and support to adults in those families, for example, women's health issues, advice on lifelong learning and employment
  • a space for parents and carers to meet each other attend group sessions

With backing from the Department for Education’s Family Hub Transformation Fund, and following a series of interactive ‘vision-setting’ workshops with Wirral parents and carers in Spring and Summer 2023, Wirral’s Family Hubs will each offer the same core services – with extra support tailored to the needs of the local communities they serve.

    Why parents love their children's centre

    On our My Child Can Facebook page, we asked parents to tell us why they loved their children's centre. Here are just a few of the responses:

    "From moving from Chester, I literally knew no one, I felt so alone it allowed me to go somewhere to socialise with other mums, get to know them and go out with them. It has really helped me and not feel so alone. The staff are so welcoming and warm they are not staff, they are friends. Can talk to them about anything and they will always find time to talk to you".


    "I love Wirral children's centres because on days that seem tough, they give me a reason to get us both ready and head out the door (even with my unwashed hair!). My boy thoroughly enjoys every session that we attend and even at times when he is cranky, nobody judges, the staff are lovely and always on hand for a bit of moral and emotional support. The centres have taught me many songs and tips which I use daily at home. Thank you for being there".


    "I love my children's centre because when I had my son, my anxiety prevented me from making friends and going out with my son. Now due to attending baby groups in the centre I feel more comfortable with going out with my son and he loves playing with other children and exploring new things, especially in messy play!".