On 14 October 2019 Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council decided to make a change in its governance arrangements. The council will be moving from a “Leader and Cabinet” system to a “Committee system” form of governance in May 2020.

To read further details of the changes being made, please see the pdf below to read the full proposal agreed at Council on 14 October 2019:

Following the decision of the council, a cross party Governance Working Group was established. A report was submitted to the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee on 26 November 2019 which provided an update on the work of the Group and also included a presentation on the committee design structure proposals:

To see the full discussion of the Governance Review report at the Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee held on 26 November 2019 you can watch our webcast by clicking the link below:

Webcast: Standards and Constitutional Oversight Committee 26 November 2019

In the coming months, regular updates on progress will be provided on this webpage. You can also share your views on the proposals by emailing committeeteam@wirral.gov.uk