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Overview and Scrutiny Committees

Councils are legally required to have a scrutiny process in place. Scrutiny is responsible for holding the Council’s Executive to account and for monitoring the effectiveness of Council services and those of partner agencies.

Scrutiny adds value by focusing on improving performance though monitoring, questioning and making recommendations on the way services are provided, decisions are taken and policies implemented.

The Council carries out its statutory scrutiny role through four Overview and Scrutiny Committees which align with the themes of the Wirral Plan:

  • Children and Families Overview and Scrutiny
  • Adult Care and Health Overview and Scrutiny
  • Business Overview and Scrutiny
  • Environment Overview and Scrutiny

To avoid duplication and ensure cross-cutting themes and Member capacity are effectively managed, meetings are held with the Chairs and Spokespersons for the four Committees to develop the scrutiny work programme.

Other Committees

Some functions fall outside the remit of the Cabinet. The council has a number of other committees that carry out these functions: