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The Cabinet is made up of the leader of the council, Councillor Phil Davies and nine Cabinet members who each have responsibility for a specific service area. The deputy leader of the council is Councillor George Davies.

The Cabinet is responsible for the council’s key decisions. These decisions are then subject to scrutiny by one of four Overview and Scrutiny Committees.

Cabinet members 2018-19

Leader of the Council

Overall strategic direction
of Council; Lead the Wirral
Partnership; Lead Wirral
across Liverpool City Region
Councillor Phil Davies
Deputy Leader of the Council;
Housing and Planning
Councillor George Davies
Deputy Leader of the Labour Group;
Children and Families
Councillor Bernie Mooney
Adult Care and Health Councillor Chris Jones
Environment Councillor Anita Leech
Finance and Resources Councillor Janette Williamson
Highways and Transport Councillor Stuart Whittingham
Jobs and Growth Councillor Angela Davies
Law and Order Councillor Paul Stuart
Leisure and Recreation Councillor Phillip Brightmore

Non-key decisions are delegated to individual Cabinet Members who each have responsibility for their own service area.

View the responsibilities for each Cabinet portfolio in section 3f (pages 73 to 82) of the Constitution of the council