Council Tax refund

You can request a refund if your Council Tax account is in credit. This could happen if:

  • you have moved out of Wirral or are no longer liable for Council Tax at your new address
  • you have been awarded a discount or exemption
  • you have been awarded Council Tax Support
  • the banding of your property has reduced

All credits are checked prior to refund including a check for any outstanding balances in your name and any change in circumstances yet to be made against your Council Tax account or Council Tax Support award. If this is the case, any credit will be offset to reduce any arrears or the outstanding change in circumstances will be actioned first. Revised notifications will be issued to confirm any change to the credit balance. 

All refunds are paid by bank transfer (Bacs) directly into a bank account.

If a Council Tax account is in joint names and payment is to be made to only one of the Council Taxpayer, then authorisation is also required from the other individual.

If a refund is to be split, then all parties will still need to agree and authorise this request. 

If you are an executor or other representative of the charge payer(s) we may contact you for further evidence regarding your authority to act on their behalf.

Request a refund on your Council Tax account