‘Wirral Together’ is about creating a new relationship between the Wirral Partnership, the public services working in the borough and residents, communities and other stakeholders. It is based on delivering our commitments as a Partnership, but also asks our residents to do their bit to help us achieve our shared aspirations for the borough.

We know we can’t achieve all of our ambitions for Wirral alone, we all need to come together and:

  • make public services more responsive to local issues
  • be open to new solutions
  • support and encourage local people to take ownership of their local area

Wirral Together is an informal, co-produced agreement between the public services in our borough and every Wirral resident to work together to create a better borough. It contains a set of shared commitments which we will work to achieve.

Wirral Together is built around a deal making approach. The Wirral Together headline at the bottom of this page frames our new relationship with the public.

Wirral Together will grow and evolve, responding to feedback from Wirral residents. Public service staff will hold conversations with residents about Wirral Together, exploring what can be achieved and how it can be delivered.

From the Headline Deal we will initially seek to develop priority deals for Environment, Health and Wellbeing, Business and Children and Young people. It is likely that further priority deals will be produced in the future, dependent upon need within communities.

Although Wirral Together marks a new era for the relationship between the Partnership and residents, the ethos behind the initiative is already in action among many individuals and community groups across the peninsula.

We all have a part to play - let’s work together for a better Wirral.