A requirement of the Equality Duty 2010 is for the council to publish information relating to people affected by our policies and decisions. This asks:

  • who accesses our services?
  • what reasonable adjustments are provided to customers to access our services?
  • how satisfied are customers with our services?
  • what feedback do customers give us?
  • what is the number and type of complaints we receive from customers?
  • do we have different service outcomes for different groups of people?

You can read how we intend to gather this information in our draft customer information action plan:

We published the following customer information by department in November 2012:

Adult social services

Children and young people



Workforce equality profiling

Another requirement of the Equality Duty 2010 is for the Council to publish information relating to our workforce. This includes:

  • workforce equality profiles
  • pay gaps
  • job application success rates
  • take up rates of training
  • promotion success rates
  • return to work rates after maternity leave
  • reasons for termination of employment
  • length of service
  • time on pay grades

Read government guidance and information on this subject.