Community Trigger (Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review)

The Community Trigger (also known as Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review) provides victims of persistent anti-social behaviour to have the right to request a review of their case where the local threshold is met. 

If you feel the response to your complaint has been inadequate, you can request a formal review of the case. A relevant body within Wirral could include, but not limited to, Wirral Council, Merseyside Police or a Registered Housing Provider. This aims to solve problems and investigate other options that may be available.

The public agencies involved will be made aware of any recommendations arising from the review and are required by law to act upon these.

If you’re still dissatisfied, you may escalate your concerns to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside.

Please do not use the link below to report an incident of anti-social behaviour. These should be reported via the Report Anti-Social Behaviour form. 

Apply for an Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review

Triggers received

Type 2023 2022 2021 2020
The number of applications for ASB Case Reviews 7 3 2 1
The number of times the threshold for review was not met  1 (submitted in error) 0 0 0
The number of anti-social behaviour case reviews carried out  6 3 2 1
The number of anti-social behaviour case reviews that resulted in recommendations being made  6 3 2 0