We’re delivering a new regeneration vision for Wirral and a new dynamic organisation to deliver it. This is a new way to deliver regeneration through a joint venture with a leading development and investment partner with the skills, track-record and resources we need to drive future growth and prosperity.

The creation of a joint venture property company – Wirral Growth Company – will bring new expertise, new ideas and new investment to Wirral.

Over the next six months we will be talking to leading UK and international development partners and choosing the one who can best match our ambition and vision. Wirral Growth Company will help us change the face of Wirral and deliver at a new scale and at a new pace.

The opportunity to work with us to create the Wirral Growth Company is now published and open for tenders. Later this year we hope to be announcing our preferred partner and then quickly moving forward on our plans for regeneration throughout the borough.

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