Scaffolding and hoarding

Anyone intending to erect a scaffold or hoarding, which encroaches on to a public road or pavement, is required to obtain a licence, issued by Wirral Council.

Applications will be based upon the scale and extent of works being undertaken and the existing site, highway and traffic conditions. A licence can be refused in the interests of public or highway safety. It is an offence to erect a scaffold or hoarding on the footway or highway without a licence.


Length of time

Up to 7 days £80 per property
7 days to 1 month £135 per property
1 month to 3 months £215 per property
3 months to 6 months £270 per property
Container/welfare Max 3 months  

This fee must be paid to the local authority by debit or credit card.


Apply for a licence to erect a scaffold or hoarding

Apply to alter an existing licence

Apply to extend an existing licence

Attachments required

  • a scale site and plan showing the extents of the scaffolding/hoarding
  • proof of Public Liability Insurance covering this type of work
  • proof of the scaffold erectors accreditation


We aim to process applications within 5 working days. If you have not heard from the Council by the end of this period please contact the council using the details on the right.

Tacit consent does not apply for safety reasons. Hoarding or scaffold must not be placed on the highway until consent has been granted.


If you require further information contact us on 0151 691 8454.


Highways Act 1980 (section 169).

Failed applications and complaints

Complete the Licensing and Permit Issues form:

  •  if your application is refused
  • if you disagree with the attached conditions
  • to complain about an issued licence
  • to complain about the condition of any hoarding or scaffolding

Licensing and Permit issues form

Alternatively you can appeal through the Magistrates Court.