Highway projection

A highway projection is any building or part of a building either temporary or permanent which projects over or goes under a street.

You must apply for permission from the council if you want to erect or construct a highway projection.

In certain instances, planning approval may be required.

Guidance for advertising displays and canopies

The maximum projection allowed over a public footway is 1.05 metres provided there remains a clear passageway of 2 metres between the projection and the road.    

To allow for the safe passage of pedestrians beneath projections such as canopies, blinds or CCTV equipment a minimum vertical clearance of 2.2 metres is required between the footway and the projection.

These are general guidelines; however each application will be considered based upon an individual basis.


Application fee - £50
Changes to an existing licence - £30 


Apply for permission to erect or construct a highway projection

Apply to alter an existing highway projection licence

Attachments required:

  • a plan of the proposed highway projection
  • proof of public liability insurance
  • appropriate fee


Applications are usually processed within 20 working days.

Your application will be considered in relation to its scale, size, location and impact on the highway.

Tacit Consent does not apply for safety reasons. You must not construct a projection until you have received permission.


Highways Act 1980

Failed applications and complaints

Please complete the Licensing and Permit Issues form:

  • if your application is refused
  • if you disagree with conditions attached to a licence
  • to complain about the location or condition of a highway projection