You do not need to inform the council if you wish to place an 'A' board or shop front display on the street (excluding pavement cafes).

All pavements are inspected regularly. During these inspections, 'A' boards, shop front displays and other items on the street are monitored, to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.

The 'A' board, object or display must relate to the trade of the business and be placed next to the front of the premises. The display must be fit for purpose and cause no potential significant hazard, nuisance or obstruction.

Directional 'A' boards will not be permitted away from the premises.

The council may remove any ‘A’ boards, objects or displays deemed to be causing an immediate danger or where the owner has not co-operated to correct concerns brought to their attention by the council.


There is no charge for having an 'A' boards or shop front display.

Public Liability Insurance

It is advised that Public Liability Insurance cover for £5million is held by the owner. It is deemed that any accident or claim will be covered by the owner’s insurance and liability will not attach to the council.

Limits to the amount of pavement you can use

'A' boards and shop front displays need to be proportional and not obstruct the pavement in any way which prevents safe passage.

Planning permission

You should check if planning permission is required in each circumstance.

'A' boards or shop front displays on private property

The above criteria would not normally apply, as it is not classed as a public street. However, other restrictions may apply. You should check if planning permission is required.

Report a problem

Report a concern about 'A' boards or shop front displays.

Report a concern