Sports grounds safety certificate

If you operate a sports ground that holds more than 10,000 spectators, or a designated football ground that holds more than 5000 spectators, you will be required to hold a safety certificate.

  • general safety certificate – Covers the use of a stand for viewing a specified activity or activities, starting on a specified date for an indefinite period.
  • special safety certificate – Covers the use of a stand for viewing a certain specified activity or activities on a certain specified occasion or occasions.

Certificate holders must notify the council of any proposals to alter or extend the stadium if they are likely to cause safety concerns. 


A fee may be applicable; fees are dependent on the individual application.


Apply for a safety certificate for a sports ground

Apply to make changes to an existing safety certificate


To apply for a safety certificate, you must be the person who is responsible for the ground. You must also be in a position to prevent any breach of the terms and conditions of the certificate.

To transfer a certificate Wirral Council must determine if the person to whom the certificate is to be transferred, would qualify. 

The applicant may be the current holder of the certificate or the person to whom the certificate is to be transferred.

Processing and timescales

We will contact you within 10 working days of receipt of your completed application. Safety certificates will then be issued within 8 weeks. 

Before a safety certificate is issued the council will:

  • request suitable drawings
  • survey the ground in detail
  • hold Safety Meetings with the Emergency Services to determine overall requirements
  • consult with other expert/other interested bodies etc
  • seek structural, electrical, mechanical and any other pertinent certification
  • consult with ground management
  • determine works conditions and numbers of spectators to be permitted into the ground.

Tacit Consent does not apply due to public safety. You must wait to receive permission.


Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975

Failed applications and appeals

Complete the Licensing and Permit Issues form if:

  • your application is refused
  • you disagree with the attached conditions

Alternatively you can appeal through the Magistrates Court.