Street trading

Streets in Wirral are designated as either prohibited streets,  consent streets or licensed streets for the purpose of street trading.

Street trading within a prohibited street is not allowed under any circumstances.

Street trading is only permitted within a consent street or a licensed street when authorisation has been issued by the council.

The matters to be considered by the Council when determining whether to grant a street trading licence or a street trading consent are different.  The grounds for refusing a Street Trading Licence are as follows:

a) there is not enough space in the street for the applicant to engage in the trading in which he desires to engage without causing undue interference or inconvenience to persons using the street;

b) there are already enough traders trading in the street from shops or otherwise in the goods in which the applicant desires to trade;

c) the applicant desires to trade on fewer days than the minimum number specified in a resolution that may be passed by the council;

d) the applicant is unsuitable to hold the licence by reason of having been convicted of an offence or for any other reason;

e) the applicant has at any time been granted a street trading licence by the council and has persistently refused or neglected to pay fees due to the council for it or charges due to the council for services rendered by the council to them in their capacity as licence holder;

f) that the applicant has at any time been granted a street trading consent by the council and has persistently refused or neglected to pay fees due to them for it;

g) that the applicant has without reasonable excuse failed to avail themselves to a reasonable extent of a previous street trading licence.

In respect of a street trading consent, the legislation provides that the Council may grant a consent if they think fit.  The legislation does not set out the same grounds for refusal of a Street Trading Consent as it does for a Street Trading Licence.

If a street is not a prohibited street or a licensed street then it will be deemed as a consent street.

All other streets are either consent streets or licensed streets. Applicants must be aged 17 years or above.


Application for a new licence/consent - £238.92
Annual fee - £78.17
Temporary licence/consent for a period of up to seven days - £77.00


Apply for a street trading licence

Apply to change an existing licence

Attachments required

  • proof of Public Liability Insurance to the value of £5 Million
  • two passport size portrait photographs or equivalent sized digital images
  • Basic Check issued by Disclosure and Barring Service (if applying for a street trading licence only) - checks must be within one month old.

Processing and timescales

We will aim to deal with your application within six weeks.

Tacit Consent does not apply. You must wait to receive permission.

If you are proposing to sell any foodstuffs, you will need to be registered with the council’s Environmental Health Department.

Legislation and regulations

Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982

Failed applications and appeals

There are no grounds for appeal against the council’s decision to refuse a street trading permit. 

Failed applicants should write to the council in the first instance within 7 days of the decision. 

How do I report a problem?

Report a concern about:

  • an application
  • an issued consent/licence
  • street trading in your area

Report a concern about street trading