Street collection

The Local Authority has the power to regulate street collections and issue permits.

The council does limit the number of street collections in the area.

Priority is given to local charities or national charities with local branches where funds are used locally to help disabled or disadvantaged people.

The only exception is applications received in connection with sponsored charity events (for example, John O’Groats to Lands End Walk, pram pushes, which pass through the borough) or national special events (such as Red Nose Day or Children In Need).

Such applications are dealt with on merit but no clashes with existing collections are allowed.

Guidance notes on applying for a permit and running a street collection are available.


Apply for a permit to run a street collection

Supply a return for a street collection

The duration of any permit is at the council's discretion but because of demand collections are normally limited to one day per charity collection.


Police, Factories, & c. (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1916

How do I report a problem?

Report a concern about:

  • an application
  • an issued licence
  • a current street collection

Report a concern about street collecting