If a person wishes to take over an existing premises licence they can apply for a premises licence to be transferred to them.

If the premises licence includes the sale by retail of alcohol as a licensable activity, a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) will be included on the licence.  If the current DPS will no longer be employed at the premises then you must apply to appoint a new DPS.




Apply to transfer a premises licence

The transfer can take immediate effect as soon as the licensing authority receives the application, until the application is determined or withdrawn. This is to ensure that there should be no interruption to normal business at the premises.

Attachments required

The consent form should be uploaded as part of the application process. If you are unable to do so the original signed copy should be sent, with the premises licence, to:

Licensing Authority
Wallasey Town Hall
Brighton Street
CH44 8ED

The application is not deemed to be received until the consent form has been received.

Processing and timescales

The consultation period for applications is 14 days starting on the day on which the application is received. If an objection notice is submitted by the police during this period your application will go to a hearing which will take place within 20 working days from the end of the consultation period.

If no objection notice is received, the application will be granted and an updated premises licence will be issued.

Legislation and guidance

Licensing Act 2003

The Licensing Act 2003 (Premises licences and club premises certificates) Regulations 2005

Revised guidance issued under section 182 of Licensing Act 2003

Statement of Licensing Policy


If an application is refused following a hearing, appeals may be made to a Magistrates' Court within 21 days of the decision to refuse.