Burials in council cemeteries can take place Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm (2:30pm on Friday).

Call 0151 666 3001 to arrange a burial in any of our council cemeteries. Phone line is open 10am to midday and 2pm to 4pm.

You must provide at least 2 working day’s notice before the service to allow sufficient time to prepare the grave.  

Information required for burial

  • Registrars Certificate for Cremation or Burial
  • or the Coroners Order for Burial
  • you will also need to complete an Application for Interment form

If the family already has the Exclusive Right of Burial in a grave, the appropriate grave details, and if available the Grave Deed, must be provided.

The funeral service

The funeral service can be conducted at the graveside, alternatively the service can be held in the Chapels within Landican or Frankby cemeteries.

Burials in private land

Where you are not the landowner of the ground, you must obtain permission to complete a burial. You are also advised to notify any individual or mortgage company that has an interest in the property.

Access to the grave may be denied or restricted by change of ownership.

Burial in farmland

Planning permission is not required for the non-commercial burial on private land of a limited number of family, friends or those living in the house.

Exceeding a limited number of burials may require planning approval for use as a cemetery or for mixed use if farming is also to continue.

In effect, a single burial in a farm situation can proceed without an approach to, or the approval of, any council or other official organisation.

Burial in a garden

Neighbours may oppose a burial nearby and may be offended by the sight of a coffin or body. Although this may not pose legal objections, it may not be conducive to good relationships. Otherwise, the aspects outlined under farm burials are broadly similar.

You should also consider the reduction in property value at the presence of a grave.

Further information and guidance on burials in private land.