Register a stillbirth

If a baby is stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy, it needs to be registered.

A certificate of stillbirth will be signed by the doctor or midwife present, which you will then be scanned to the Register Office.

Email the Register Office on to make an appointment.

Where should a stillbirth be registered?

Stillbirths should be registered in the district where they took place within 42 days. A still birth cannot be registered more than 3 months after it occurred.

Who can register a stillbirth?

  • if you are married, either parent
  • if you are not married the mother must register the stillbirth. If the father’s or other parent’s details are to be included both parents must attend
  • if neither parent is available the Register Office should be contacted

Information you will need to provide

  • date and place of the stillbirth
  • child’s name
  • child’s sex
  • mother’s name, maiden surname (if appropriate) date and place of birth, occupation and usual address
  • father’s or other parent’s name, date and place of birth and occupation (if their details are to be included)
  • some statistical information will be recorded, including the date of the marriage (if applicable) and the number of previous children the mother has had

Please check the information you give at registration very carefully. If a mistake is made an application will have to be made to the Registrar General for a correction, this may take several weeks and could cost up to £90.

Certificates you will receive

  • Certificate of registration - issued free of charge to prove that the stillbirth has been recorded
  • One stillbirth certificate issued free of charge
  • Certificate for burial or cremation – this will be scanned to your funeral director