Register a birth

Appointments to register a birth

Make an appointment to register a birth

If you have a request regarding a declaration and re-registration appointment, please email

When you come to your appointment

Please arrive on time or you will have to make another appointment.

Where should a birth be registered?

A birth should be registered in the district where it took place. If required, you can register a birth outside of the district it took place by making a declaration.

Your documents will then be sent to you by post once the appropriate district has received your declaration. 

Who can register a birth?

If you are married or in a civil partnership at the time of the baby’s conception or birth, either parent can register the birth.

If you are not married the mother may register alone. If the father’s or other parent’s details are to be included, both parents must attend.  

If the father's or other parent’s details are included they will automatically acquire parental responsibility over the child.

Cost to register a birth

A full birth certificate can be purchased for £12.50. This shows the baby’s and parents' details.

A birth wallet is available for the cost of £1.

Information you will need to provide

You will need to tell us the following information:

  • date and place of birth
  • for multiple births, the time of birth for each child
  • forename and surname of your child
  • mother’s full name at the time of child’s birth
  • mother’s maiden name (if applicable)
  • mother’s place of birth
  • home address at the time of child’s birth
  • mother’s occupation (you can enter details of employment before the birth)
  • father’s or other parent’s full name at the time of child’s birth (if their details are to be included)
  • father’s or other parent’s place of birth
  • father’s or other parent’s occupation at the time of child’s birth
  • you do not need to bring the baby with you to register

Please check the information you give at registration very carefully. If a mistake is made an application will have to be made to the Registrar General for a correction, this may take several weeks and could cost up to £90.

What surname will the baby have?

Your child can take the surname of either parent or both. If you are not married or in a civil partnership, and the father doesn’t attend the registration, you can still give your child the father’s or other parent’s surname.

Once your child’s name has been registered, it can only be changed if: