Changing the first name of your child

If you decide to change your child's first name(s) within 12 months of the date of the registration of the birth you can do it on the original birth registration.

If the child has been baptised in the Christian faith, within the 12 month period after birth registration, you can obtain a form from the Register Office to take to the Minister of the Church where the child was baptised. [link to Register Office location page]

Once this form has been completed it needs to be returned to the Register Office and the amended names can be added to the original birth certificate. You can purchase copies of the certificate for a fee of £4.00.

If the child has not been baptised you can complete a form at the Register Office. The amended names can then be added to the original birth certificate and you can purchase certified copies of the certificate for a fee of £4.00.

Changing the surname of your child

To change the surname of your child you will need to re-register the birth.

Call 0151 606 2020 to make an appointment to re-register.

Correcting a mistake in the naming of your child

If you made a mistake in the original birth registration you will need to prove that an error exists.

If you realise you made an error within a couple of weeks of registration you should write a letter setting out what the error is and how it came to be made.

If there has been a longer time gap you will also need to provide documentary proof, dated from the earliest infancy, that the child is being brought up in a different name to that recorded. This could be a Clinic Card, NHS medical card or bank book.

This letter and documentary proof, if required, should be sent to:

The General Register Office
Smedley Hydro
Trafalgar Road