If your bin is damaged or broken you can request a replacement bin. In many cases, your bin will be able to be repaired. There is a charge of £12 (from 1 April 2022) for any bin repair. 

Repairs or replacement parts are currently only available for broken wheels, lids and hinges.

When bins break, it is usually because of normal wear and tear. Bins are designed to withstand the stresses of being moved and put on a vehicle for emptying. They are rigorously tested. However, after many years of use, the plastic parts on the bin will weaken and break.

Why is there a charge for this service?

The council does not have the budget to pay for green bin repairs. Many other councils also charge for this service.

We are legally permitted to charge for this service. This falls under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act (1990).

What to do if you cannot put your damaged bin out

Green bin

Please bag up your rubbish and put it out for collection on your next scheduled day. Bags will only be collected if we have received payment for a new bin or a bin repair.

Grey bin

Please store your recycling in a dry location, take it to your local tip or put it in your green wheelie bin.

Brown bin

Please store your garden waste in your garden.

Report a damaged bin