Types of fraud against Wirral Council

The council has a 'zero tolerance' approach to fraud, bribery and corruption and is committed to making sure the opportunity for illegal acts is minimised.

The council’s fraud strategy and policy documents explain how we train our staff and Members to recognise fraud, corruption and bribery and to report cases that they believe to be unlawful. 

The documents also cover how fraud is identified and prevented, and the action taken against those committing fraud.

What is fraud?

Fraud is an intentional false representation, including failure to declare information or abuse of position that is carried out to make gain, cause loss or expose another to the risk of loss.

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What is corruption?

Corruption is the offering or acceptance of an inducement or reward to influence the action of any person or the failure to disclose an interest in order to enjoy financial or other gain.

Types of fraud

Fraud committed by members of the public

Frauds committed by the public can include:

  • obtaining services or discounts to which they are not entitled
  • submitting false insurance claims
  • not using personal budget (direct payments) or grant payments for their intended purpose
  • misuse of blue badges

Fraud committed by contractors and suppliers

Contractor and supplier fraud and corruption can include:

  • submitting invoices or receipts and being paid for work that had not been undertaken
  • paying bribes to councillors and or employees to obtain a contract to undertake work or supply goods

Fraud by community groups and other organisations

Fraud committed by community groups and other organisations can include:

  • submitting grant applications for funds with misleading information
  • people misusing the funds that they have been granted to obtain a personal benefit

Fraud committed by councillors

Councillor fraud and corruption can include:

  • submitting expenses claims for journeys that were not made
  • overstating expense claims
  • claiming for allowances for which there was no entitlement

Fraud committed by council employees

Employee fraud and corruption can include:

  • theft of cash or property
  • using council property for other uses than official purposes
  • supplying information to outsiders for personal gain
  • employees working together to award contracts in return for incentives or where friends or family members were awarded contracts
  • submitting expense claims for journeys that were not made
  • remaining on sick leave but working elsewhere
  • claiming for allowances for which there was no entitlement

If you are employed by Wirral Council and wish to report suspected fraud or corruption please raise your concerns to either your manager, the Internal Audit Counter Fraud team or through the Council’s whistleblowing procedures.