Can students claim Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support?

Most full-time students cannot claim Housing Benefit. The Housing Benefit Regulations tell us that a student is a person who is attending a course of study at an educational establishment.

Most people if they need help with their rent costs will claim Universal Credit. More information and if you can claim as a student.

Only certain groups of people can claim Housing Benefit:

  • people living in accommodating where care , support and supervision is provided by their landlord
  • people placed in temporary accommodation by the local authority
  • people of pensionable age
  • people entitled to severe disability premium within their benefits

Which students can claim Housing Benefit?

You may be able to claim if you are in one of the categories listed below:

  • disabled students (entitled to the severe disability premium)
  • students with a partner who is also a full-time student, and is in one of the groups mentioned above
  • pensioners - if you have reached a pensionable age

Can student nurses claim Housing benefit?

Students funded by the National Health Service can claim Housing Benefit under the same rules that apply to other students, and is in one of the groups mentioned above.

How do I claim benefit?

You can make a claim online.

What proof do I need to give you?

As well as your completed claim form, we may ask you for the following things to assess your claim:

  • your student support assessment showing the full breakdown
  • proof of all other income and savings
  • full details of your course, including term dates and which year of study you are in
  • proof of your rent
  • proof of your identity and National Insurance number
  • your last two original monthly bank statements.

I live in a hall of residence. Will I have to pay Council Tax?

No,  you won't normally have to pay Council Tax if you are a student living in a hall of residence provided by your university or college.

I share my accommodation with other people who are not all students. Will I have to pay Council Tax?

No, you cannot be classed as jointly liable. The non-students will be jointly and severally liable for the Council Tax. The non-students in the household can claim benefits based on their income. If there is one of more student(s) and one non-student living in a property the non-student can claim a 25% discount from the Council Tax. A student discount form would need to be completed. You can do this online.