Wirral Council companies

The council owns or jointly owns companies. Detailed below is a list of these companies and their website.

Name of Company and web link

Company Registered Number


Wirral Evolutions Limited

CRN 09589553

Wholly owned company contracted to deliver adult day care services to Wirral Council.

Edsential Community Interest Company

CRN 09550258

This company is jointly and equally owned by Wirral Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Wirral Holdings Limited

CRN 11750772 

Wholly owned by Wirral Council - Dormant.

Wirral Growth Company Nominee Limited

CRN 10669793

This company is wholly owned by Wirral Council. It conducts no business and holds no meetings.

Wirral Growth Company LLP


Not strictly a company as it is a vehicle co-owned by Wirral Council and Muse Developments Limited.

Should you have any queries about these companies kindly raise these directly with the company who will respond to your enquiry.