Financial planning and budgeting

Medium term financial strategy

Efficiency Plan 2016-2020

In March 2016 the Government wrote to councils offering a four year funding settlement for the period 2016/17 to 2019/20. The aim of this is to give councils greater certainty of funding, improving financial management and the planning of changes to services. To be eligible for the fixed funding the council must accept the offer and publish an efficiency plan.

The Efficiency Plan supports Wirral Council’s acceptance of the Government’s offer of a four-year financial settlement.

To support the implementation of the Efficiency Plan the Council will utilise proceeds from the sale of assets, such as surplus buildings, to fund its implementation.

Internal audit

Internal audit is a statutory, independent and objective appraisal function established by the council for reviewing the system of internal control. It examines, evaluates and reports on the adequacy of internal control as a contribution to the proper, economic, efficient and effective use of resources.

The internal audit charter sets out in detail the purpose, authority and responsibilities for the internal audit service for Wirral Council.