Every year the council formulates a budget. This aims to provide financial stability and long term prosperity while delivering services within affordable limits.

The budget setting process passes through a number of stages and takes account of factors such as funding available from the government and local taxpayers, key local priorities and changes in legislation.

Budget book (estimates)

A proposed budget (also known as the budget book and forecasts) is approved by Members at the end of February or beginning of March. The council publishes an estimates book setting out the agreed budget for the forthcoming financial year.

The budget proposal provides further detail and amendments such as additional policy options or savings agreed to the original estimates.

Budget resolution

The budget resolution provides further detail on items such as policy options or savings agreed as part of the council budget. The resolution is voted on at Council and formally agrees the budget. 

Older records are archived and available on request.

Setting the Council Tax

The approval of the budget estimates enables the setting of Council Tax.

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