Wirral is responding to the findings of a recent Ofsted inspection by implementing an ambitious improvement plan, supported by the full resources of the Council and its partners.

Protecting the most vulnerable children and families in Wirral has never moved from the top of the agenda and it is vital the services are put right as quickly as possible.

The Improvement Plan for children’s services needs to be – and will be – the collective top priority for everyone with a responsibility for caring for vulnerable youngsters; elected Members of all parties, Council employees across every service, and the various partner agencies who work together every day.

Everyone has a part to play in driving these improvements.

As painful as it was to read the Ofsted findings, what they did was give a very clear picture of where attention should be focussed in the coming weeks and months.

Progress is already being made. Senior advisors from the Department for Education have made clear they agreed with the emerging improvement plan, they agreed with what had been done so far and they agreed the capacity and ability was in place to make the changes needed quickly.

An improvement board has been established, with representatives of partner organisations like the police, NHS, head teachers and the Elected Members from all Parties on Wirral Council.

This board will have an independent chair, and will also benefit from the support of an independent advisor appointed by the DfE. Immediate action is being taken to put the Council in a position where we can make fast, sustainable improvements to our services:

The ambition – the demand – for these services and for young people in Wirral is unequivocally clear: only the best, for our children.

Improving the services is not just about improving the Ofsted rating – moving from inadequate, to good, to outstanding – it is about making sure children in Wirral benefit from the best services possible, making sure they are safe, protected and inspired to reach their fullest potential.