Complaints about schools

If your child has a problem at school, you should be able to sort it out through an informal discussion with your child's teacher or the school Headteacher or Principal. If you can't resolve a problem informally, the school should have a formal complaints procedure that you can follow. This is probably published on the school website or will be available upon request from the school office.

Contacting your child's school

If you're worried about your child's learning or welfare at school, or have any concerns, your child's class teacher or head of year is the best person to approach first. Teachers will usually be in the classroom during the day, but you can leave messages with the school office asking the teacher to get back to you.

If the teacher can't help, or you are not satisfied with their response, you can talk to the Headteacher or Principal. You should be able to arrange a meeting or a telephone conversation with the Headteacher or Principal through the school office.

If this isn’t practical, you may wish to make a written complaint.

Complaining to the governing body

If your complaint is not resolved, the next stage is to approach the school board of governors. All schools are required to have a procedure to deal with any complaints about the school, or any facilities or services that the school provides for the local community.

If you want to complain to the Board of Governors, ask the school for a copy of its complaints procedure. The school complaints procedure will probably request that all complaints to the governing body must be in writing. However, schools should be mindful of, and sensitive to equal opportunity and the possible needs of people making a complaint.

People making a complaint should be supported whenever possible to engage with the complaints procedure. Schools may need to apply some flexibility in this respect, for example you may be offered the opportunity to raise their complaint by telephone, email, in person or in writing.

What to do if your complaint still isn't resolved

Wirral Council doesn’t offer a review service for school complaints or have any authority to intervene or overturn decisions made by the governors. If you remain dissatisfied with the school response, and you have exhausted the school complaints procedure in full, you can contact the Department for Education and request that they review your complaint.

You can log the details of your complaint on the Department for Education website.