Wirral has a new climate strategy

The Cool Wirral Partnership have worked on a new climate strategy, called Cool 2. It sets out a suitable local response to the climate emergency. Cool 2 will replace and build on the work of existing strategy (Cool 2014-19). The consultation ended on Monday 7 October 2019 and the council have endorsed the strategy.

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Cool Climate change strategy 2014-19

Wirral’s Climate change strategy, Cool, was developed by the Cool Wirral Partnership (formerly the Wirral Climate Change Group) through various public consultation activities.

The strategy covers the period 2014 to 2019. It has two main goals:

  • to substantially cut climate pollution associated with Wirral
  • to adapt Wirral to unavoidable climate change

These goals are supported by aims to:

  • reduce demand for energy and make Wirral more energy efficient
  • generate and source more of our local energy needs from 'renewable' sources
  • use more sustainable modes of transport, more fuel-efficient vehicles and less polluting means of getting around
  • reduce the indirect negative impacts that our decisions have for climate pollution in Wirral and elsewhere
  • identify the risks and vulnerabilities from expected changes and bring forward plans and actions to limit negative impacts and improve resilience
  • build capacity for action by strengthening local networks and partnerships and by developing wider awareness and education initiatives

The success of this strategy depends on widespread action by local people.

Work to develop a new strategy, Cool 2, is nearing completion. Wirral Council asked Cool Wirral Partnership to ensure the new strategy include a challenging target for emissions reduction in line with the latest scientific guidance, along with ambitious recommendations to address this challenge.

Progress Reports

Progress reports are produced via the Cool Wirral Partnership on an annual basis. These are available to download below:

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