The latest global scientific evidence about climate change paints a worrying picture. We are now facing an emergency, and all need to do our bit.

As part of the emergency we must also adapt to change that is already happening.

The Cool Wirral Partnership has developed a new climate change strategy, Cool 2, for Wirral. It will replace the existing Cool 2014-19 strategy

The partnership has been asked to use the latest evidence to develop a suitable local response.

Work on the new Cool 2 strategy began last year. It considers:

  • recent changes in global and national frameworks informed by the latest scientific evidence
  • the original Cool 2014-19 strategy and the lessons learnt from efforts to implement it
  • local CO2 emissions data
  • new tools to help plan emissions reductions in line with the latest scientific evidence
  • contributions gathered through several workshops involving partner organisations, schools and members of the public

The partnership encouraged residents and organisations to have their say on the proposed draft strategy by Monday 7 October 2019 - the survey is now closed.