A local plan is a statutory document that sets out the council’s vision and strategies for future development.

Local plans are used to help in the determination of planning applications and in other planning related decisions.

Existing adopted local plans

The council has two existing adopted local plans:

The strategic polices in the Unitary Development Plan will soon be replaced by a new Core Strategy Local Plan.

A Neighbourhood Development Plan for Devonshire Park was made part of the statutory Development Plan for Wirral on 14 December 2015.

A Neighbourhood Development Plan for Hoylake was made part of the statutory Development Plan for Wirral on 19 December 2016.

Decisions on whether or not to grant planning permission within Devonshire Park and within Hoylake will now also need to be made in accordance with these Neighbourhood Development Plans unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

Local development scheme

The preparation of future local plans is governed by a local development scheme.

The Council is currently undertaking a Development Options Review, with a view to approving a revised Draft Local Plan by December 2018.

Evidence Base

A number of studies and research projects have been prepared to support the development of the council’s land use planning policies.

A revised strategic housing market assessment and retail and town centres study were reported to the Council's Cabinet on 18 July 2016 (Minute 31 and 32 refer).

View the evidence base.