Grass cutting and grounds maintenance

We are also responsible for cutting semi rural and rural areas as well as other sites involving specific degrees of difficulty such as:
wildflower meadows
dual carriageways
Sites with limited access.
Not all grassed areas are the responsibility of the Council. We don't look after
trees, hedges and shrubs on private land, including land that is next to roads and pavements. It is the landowner's responsibility to look after these areas.
View a map showing grass cutting locations and frequencies simply enter your street name, postcode or area for a list of grass cutting locations.
When was the grass last cut by my house?
Use the Grass Cutting Search to find out when the grass was last cut for a given location – simply enter the street name or location.
Use the Grass Cutting Location to view locations in alphabetical order.
How do I report a problem?
To report issues relating to highway grounds maintenance
Report Maintenance Issue report issues relating to highway grounds maintenance.
From April 2013 Wirral Council will maintain its roadside verges as follows:

Wirral Council maintains roadside grass verges, hedges, shrubs, flower beds and weeds on council-owned land.

We don't look after private land. This is the responsibility of the land owner. You should contact the land owner directly if there is an issue relating to private land, including private land next to roads and pavements.



How often Wirral Council maintain its roadside verges

Area Frequency (subject to weather)
Rural Areas (except road junctions and pedestrian paths) Once a year (mid July - mid August, subject to weather and flowering conditions)

*Flowering plants will provide food and habitat for bees, other pollinating insects and other wildlife.

Rural Areas (road junctions and established pedestrian paths) 4 times a year (between March - October)
Semi Rural Areas 4 times a year (between March - October)
Urban Areas - majority Every 12.5 days(between March ? October)

*A small number of urban verge areas are cut four times a year

Hedges Twice a year (June/July and October)
Shrub Pruning Carried out in Winter from November
Weed Spraying

3 times a year (March/April, June/July, October/November)

*Takes 7-10 days for weeds to die after spraying

Site Specific Landscaping/ Rejuvenation & Path Edgings Programmed work carried out between Oct-Feb
Litter Removal At every visit to maintained areas

Litter will also be collected during the scheduled street cleanse