Street lighting

The Council is responsible for the maintenance, repair, design and installation of street lights, including illuminated bollards, signs and beacons.

We have switched some streetlights off across the Borough;

  • to save money,
  • to reduce energy consumption.

The street lights that have been switched off will be labelled and they will still be inspected to make sure columns/cables are safe.

Please do not report them as out.

We have stopped night time street lighting inspections to save money and we will be relying on the public and Council staff to report unlit street lights, signs and bollards to us.

  • If a street light is labelled it is meant to be 'out' (see above) if it is not labelled please let us know.
  • Please tell us now don't wait until the dark mornings and evenings come back, or we will end up with lots of repairs to do at the same time.
  • If neighbourhood watch/community groups want to 'scout' for us on their street/in their neighbourhood please contact Streetscene.

Report faults 

When reporting faults please be as accurate as possible as incorrect locations will add to the cost and delay the repair.

To report a streetlight that is out please quote the number indicated on the column, if that number has been removed or faded please quote the nearest house number or adjacent property details.

Illuminated traffic island bollards and street signs have not been switched off, if you see any that are out or damaged and wish to report them they could also have numbers on them, if they don't please give an accurate location as possible such as house or property numbers or road junction locations.

Report the issue online or contact Streetscene on (0151) 606 2004 weekdays between 09.00 and 17:00.


If the fault is an emergency - for instance a lampost has been hit by a vehicle, or if wiring is exposed or the lantern/shade is hanging loose - please report the details to Streetscene by phone on (0151) 606 2004 weekdays between 09.00-17:00. At any other time please phone the out of hours service on (0151) 647 7810.