Street furniture

The Council is responsible for providing and maintaining a range of items of street furniture. These include seating, decorative lighting, cycle racks etc.

Some items of street furniture can cause an obstruction or a hazard, whether permanent or temporary. Such items therefore need a licence from the Council.

Requests for additional items of street furniture will require inspection before approval is granted.

Unauthorised signs, litter bins and furniture will be removed from the highway.

What street seats are you responsible for?

We are responsible for all seats on grass verges, pavements or promenades. However we are not responsible for seats inside bus shelters – for this you will need to contact Merseytravel.

How can I report a problem with a street seat?

You can report a problem using the "Report Problem" button in the right column.

How soon will a faulty seat be fixed?

This depends on the nature of the fault. Following an inspection by Council engineers any road sign defects are classed as either a ‘priority’ job or as a ‘serviceability’ job. This classification depends on a range of factors.

The priority jobs need to be done first for safety reasons.

The serviceability jobs are ones that don’t present any immediate risk to public safety.

They are still recommended for repair work, but the timescale within which they are carried out depends on the availability of funding. 

A list of all outstanding serviceability jobs is drawn up and reviewed on a monthly basis. We attempt to clear as much of this work as possible, but due to it not being urgent and budget dependent we are limited.

This will depend upon the extent of the damage. It will be classed as either a ‘priority’ or a ‘serviceability’ job.

Can you remove this seat – youths are gathering on it?

We will investigate these requests on an individual basis and we would seek the views of nearby residents.

Are you responsible for seats in bus stops?

This is the responsibility of Merseytravel.

Can I request a seat in someone’s memory?

If you want a seat putting in at a site where the adopted highway meets a view – such as Hoylake or New Brighton we can do this. You can suggest the location.

Alternatively it might already be one of our seats.

You can have either a new seat or restored seat. We will leave it for you to organise the plaque.

Can we have a litter bin in our road?

Clcik here to request a bin

Can we have a non-illuminated bollard in our road?

We will look at each request on an individual basis and see if a bollard is the most appropriate form of action.

For further enquiries or to report a problem with an item of street furniture then please contact StreetScene using the details on the right.