Wirral Council has responsibility for the maintenance of the highway, including pavements.

Trip hazards on pavements are a key concern at all times whilst the problems of weeds, standing water and ice tend to be more seasonal.

Trip hazards and other defects on pavements are identified through inspections and other means, including reports from the public.

We will endeavour to correct the defect or make it safe immediately if it is dangerous or an emergency. For defects which are not considered dangerous the level and speed of response will vary depending on the position of the footway in the hierarchy, and the scale and location of the defect.

Growth of weeds is prevented by regular weed spraying.

Standing water can be prevented by reshaping the surface, and ice is treated as part of winter maintenance operations.

Pavements, particularly those constructed of paving slabs, can suffer very badly from overriding vehicles.

Please note: In the case of damage, it is important, if possible, to report the vehicle details/findings so that the Council can recover the full cost of repairs to the pavement.

When works are being undertaken on the highway (including the pavement/footway), the organisation, which may include utility companies, carrying out those works is responsible for ensuring there is a safe diversionary route for pedestrians and other traffic and a satisfactory reinstatement.

For further information or to report a problem, use the online reporting button "Report Pavement Problem" on the right or contact Streetscene.