Gritting and Winter Service

View Wirral's gritting routes [pdf] It is not possible to grit all roads. We grit all major roads and main bus routes in Wirral, whenever it is necessary. Inevitably, there simply aren’t the resources to grit every side street or minor road. 

Pavements are not treated, except when icy conditions last for several days. Then busy pavements, such as those in shopping areas, may be gritted. 

Find a grit bin near you [pdf] - Almost 300 grit bins are located across Wirral, which you can use on a self help basis to spread salt on pavements in your area.

Report a problem - This form should be used only to report issues relating to winter maintenance, for example damaged or missing grit bin, refill grit bin or request to add a street to the gritting route etc. 


Wirral has its own weather station and special computer links which provide our forecasters with data. Together with other weather stations across Merseyside, this enables our weather centre to forecast Wirral’s weather and more importantly the road surface temperatures.

Forecast information is updated 24 hours a day and used by trained Wirral staff to make the decision on whether or not to grit. Salting decisions are taken very seriously to ensure road safety, to avoid unnecessary gritting and to protect the environment.

Does gritting always work?

Unfortunately, no matter how good the forecast, there are still times when our ability to salt roads effectively is limited. The following situations can create difficulties:

• When overnight rain stops just before dawn, the sky clears and temperatures drop rapidly below freezing, salting cannot begin until the rain has stopped as it would be washed away. In these circumstances some roads have become icy before the gritters have finished the three hour salting operation.

• When ‘dawn frost’ occurs on dry roads – early morning dew falls on a cold road and freezes on impact, it is extremely difficult to forecast when or where this will occur.

• Rush hour snowfall – when rain turns to snow during peak traffic early salting is not possible.


Gritting the M53 motorway is the responsibility of the Highways Agency. The routes are maintained by A-ONE + (Telephone: 01925 859 360).