Road Safety

Our latest road safety campaign is about ALL road users making themselves visible to each other. An often used excuse following a road traffic collision is “I didn’t see them” “They came out of nowhere”

Nowhere is actually somewhere on the road – they’ve got to have come from somewhere. Whether you use the road on two wheels, two feet, four wheels or more, don’t play hide and seek this Summer make yourself visible and look out for each other.  

Research shows that even experienced drivers can slip into bad habits, so this is a road safety message for all drivers experienced and newly qualified.

It’s not just drivers, everyone has a responsibility to take care on our roads; cyclists need to be aware of their surroundings and position themselves safely on the road, pedestrians need to remember the basic stop, look and listen and shouldn’t just step into the road, but select a safe place to cross.

Be alert to the conditions and situations on our roads and save lives.

  • Pedestrians – Have you looked properly? Have you seen that moving vehicle partially hidden by the parked car?
  • Drivers – Have you checked properly for other drivers/riders before you pull out of that side road, also, what about that row of parked cars – are they hiding any pedestrians, particularly children.
  • Cyclists – Have you spotted the car just about to emerge from the junction – have you made eye contact with each other?
  • Motorcyclists - Do they know you’re there? Have you got enough room and time to stop if a driver pulls out?


We deliver road safety education, training and publicity aimed at influencing behavioural change. Our activities include, but are not limited to:

In all of our activities we work with key partners including Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, Merseyside and Local Police, Merseyside Road Safety Partnership, Health Services and other Local Authorities.